Herald of Truth Obituaries - May, 1876

Herald of Truth - Volume XIII, Number 5 - May 1876, Pages 94-96


Departed this life on the 7th of April, in Clinton township, Elkhart Co., Ind., Preacher, JOHN NUSBAUM, aged 75 years, 3 months and 10 days.

Bro. Nusbaum was born in the Canton, Berne, Switzerland, in January 1801. His parents and grand-parents were members of the Mennonite Church. He came to this country in company with his brother Peter, when he was about eighteen years of age, and lived in Ashland County. Ohio, Here he was ordained to the ministry, probably by bishop Nold, a position which he faithfully filled for upwards of 45 years. He was ordained to the ministry during his single days. He afterwards married Etizabeth [sic] Pletcher, and about the year 1860, removed to Clinton township, Elkhart County, Ind., where he resided at the time of his death. His first wife died in the Fall of 1847. Sometime in 1849 he married his first wife's sister, Mary Pletcher, who died on the 5th of April, 1869, just two days after her son, Daniel, had died. He was the father of fifteen children; six sons and two daughters by the first wife, and three sons and four daughters by the second wife. All these are living except one son of the second wife, who died only two days before his mother, as mentioned above. Besides these he leaves 44 grand-children, and three great-grand-children.

He had been failing fast for several months, but seemed entirely resigned to the Father's will. For sometime he appeared conscious of his approaching end, and in view of it frequently repeated suitable passages of Scripture and hymns. On one occasion when told that there was no prospect of his recovery, he repeated passages from the Psalms and a part of the Hymn, "WER WEISS WIE NAHE MIR MEIN ENDE." On Monday, April 3rd, he had a stroke of palsy which paralyzed one side, and made him entirely speechless. On Friday night, he calmly fell asleep in Jesus, and was buried on Sunday, April the 9th, followed by an immense concourse of relatives, friends, and neighbors. He was universally beloved and respected by all who know him. Funeral services were held by J. J. Weaver, Martin Kreider and others.

We miss father Nusbaum. Not only will he be missed at home, in the family circle, but in the neighborhood and in the church. His failing strength, and bowed form, continually reminding us of the time when he should no longer go in and out with us, made him only the more dear unto us all, and we well remember his tender and fatherly exhortations, his kind instruction, admonishing us to follow the footsteps of our dear Redeemer, and be prepared for the final change. How often he repeated. "THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME." -- the last visit I shall make to you, and now we see it fulfilled before our eyes; he has gone the way of all flesh, but though dead, he still speaketh. His life was that of a consistent Christian; his conversation was pure and edifying, his public teachings were earnest and purely evangelical. Let us therefore remember well his words, his walk and conversation, and seek to follow his example. For more than forty-five years a faithful laborer in the ministeral vineyard of the Lord, we trust to [Note: begin page 95] meet him among those of whom Daniel speaks, that "they that turn many to righteousness, shall shine as the stars for ever and ever." Dan. 12:3. "And I heard a voice from heaven, saying unto me, Write, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them." Rev. 14:13. Many trials, many deep anxieties and bitter experiences were his; but he bore them all with Christian fortitude, and faithful devotion to the Master's cause. Now these have passed away, and there where all tears are wiped away, and where sorrow can never come, there remaineth a rest for the people of God; there remaineth a rest for you, dear reader.



Died on the 30th of March, in Miami, Co., Ind., FRANCES BOLAN, wife of David Bolan, aged 23 years, 6 months and 6 days. Sermon by the writer from Rev. 7:10, 13.

I visited her several times during her sickness to cheer and comfort her. When I visited her the 3rd of March, I found her in great distress, and pain, as she had no hope in Jesus Christ. She thought there was no more grace for her, but requested all to pray for her, for she thought she could not pray any more for herself, or would not be heard, since God in time past, strove with her and desired her to pray to and honor him, which she refused and made light of it. Now she is in great trouble, fearing she will be lost. But when I exhorted her, and presented to her how friendly Jesus is to such as confess their sins before him, how He chastises those whom he loves, and what He himself had to suffer on the cross for us, she seemed to be enlightened and comforted; the pains of her soul began to be alleviated. In reply to the question if she desired to get well, she said, "O no; but my pains have been taken away! Jesus Christ died for me, and his death is my gain. He has promised me salvation, therefore I go with joy to the land of promise. Jesus is my best friend, for he suffered pain for me, and made death sweet. I have already had a foretaste of his glory. O, my dear mother, I cannot depict to you what great glory there is in heaven, where I hope to go. I feel at peace, and the will of the Lord be done! Death can not come too soon."

In the evening of the 26th, she fell into a slumber, and when she awoke, she said, "I thought it was fulfilled! It seemed to me as if I was with God, as if he would show me heaven. The angels approached me, and every thing appeared as gold, and full of joy and glory; but as I awoke I found myself in bed! Oh, I have already perceived the great glory which surrounds the throne of God! O, look upon the glory, which had no end--here will I remain for ever!"

Before her departure she said, "Farewell, friends and acquaintances; mourn not for me, but prepare for eternity! Farewell, beloved companion, father, mother, and brothers, I go to my sister in heaven, to praise God forever." Thus she left the world in great joy. I heard an unbeliever say that he could not see how she could feel so happy and joyful, since she knew that she must die. But the natural man knoweth not of the riches of God.

Let us all remember that we too must die. Let us follow the counsel of the deceased, and prepare for death, as opportunity is given us, so that we can leave the world with joy.
Nobardius Sprohl


March 2nd, in Markham, Ontario, Sr. ELISABETH RAMER, wife of Peter Ramer, aged 81 years, 5 months and 20 days. She was a daughter of Jonas and Elisabeth Byer, who emigrated from Adams Co., Pa., in June 1811. She leaves a husband and 4 children. Services by A. Barge.

March 13th, in Markham, Ontario, at the residence of his father, suddenly of quick consumption, JACOB PIKE, aged 32 years. Loved by a large circle of friends. He was sick about a week, and suffered great pain, which he bore with christian fortitude. He selected as a text for his funeral, and as his last words of admonition to his people, 2 Tim. 4:7, 8. "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto them also that love his appearing."
Weep not for me, since 'tis in vain,
In heaven I hope we'll meet again,
Where we can then together be
Forever in eternity.

March 13th, in Skippack, Montgomery Co., Pa., of paralysis, Bro. JACOB F. KULP, aged 70 years, 7 months and 14 days. Buried in the Skippack burying- ground. Sermon by Bro. John B. Hunsberger at t[he] house, and by Henry S. Bower in the meeting-house, from 2 Cor. 5:1.

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March 25th, near Metamora, Ill., SUSAN ELISABETH NAFZIGER, aged 57 years. The 27th her mortal remains were consigned to the grave in the presence of may relatives and friends. She was a consistent sister of the Amish Mennonite church. She was especially good to the poor, and was beloved and held in esteem. Funeral services by Christian Schertz, and Bishop Christian Esch, and others.

March 24th, in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pa., JOHN R. LANDIS, aged 44 years, less one day. In early manhood he went West, where he was married to a young woman by the name of Deborah King. He came home on a visit to his parents, where his wife took sick and died. He returned to Iowa, and took for his second wife, Julia Hiller. Afterwards he himself took sick, and finding that his life was drawing to a close, he sent a letter to his brother, to come and take him home, even though he should be dead. They succeeded in bringing him to his brother, in Doylestown, where his father and family visited him at times. There he lingered several weeks, when he died and was taken to his father's house, and was buried at Perquesa. He was a son of Pre. Geo. Landis. Their loss is his eternal gain.

March 29th, in St. Joseph Co., Ind., after a lingering illness of five months, SYLVESTER T., son of John W., and Mary PARCELL, aged 25 years, 4 months and 4 days. Services by J. M. Culbertson.

Fond youth, beware, and do prepare
To meet the monster death,
For he may come while you are young,
And steal away your breath.

March 30th, in Miami Co., Ind., after a month's sickness, VERONICA, wife of David BOHRND, aged 23 years, 6 months and 6 days. During her suffering she was led to the Savior and received the favor of God. Services by Nobardius Sprohl.

April 2nd, in Howard Co., Ind., sister VERONICA TROYER, aged 28 years, 6 months and 28 days. She leaves a husband and one child to mourn their loss. Funeral services by Nobardius Sprohl and Daniel C. Miller.

On the 3rd of April, in Franconiaville Montgomery Co., Pa., SUSANNA, (maiden name Hackman,) wife of Abraham S. ALDERFER, aged 36 years, 9 months and 29 days. Buried at Franconia Meeting-house. Funeral services by Henry Nice and J. Clemmer. She leaves a husband and three children. May God temper the words to the shown lamb.

On the 2nd of April, in Hillton, Bucks Co., Pa., MARGARET HUNSBERGER, aged 80 years, 1 month and 5 days.

April 10th, in Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., of Consumption, ELLEN, wife of Peter MARTIN, aged 45 years, 5 months and 23 days. Funeral services by _____ Farber, and John Metzler, from Rev. 14:13.

April 10th, in La Grange Co., Ind., _____, daughter of Christian and Mary YODER, aged about 6 months. Services by J. J. Weaver and Henry A. Miller.

April 16th, in Mahoning Co., Ohio. of cancer in the head, ABRAHAM ZIEGLER, aged 72 years, 6 months and 25 days. He was the father of 19 children, 14 of whom are still living, and 13 of them were at the funeral. Services by Jacob Kolb, P. Basinger, and Joseph Bixler.

April 18th, in Rockingham Co., Va., of inflammation of the bladder, Bro. JOHN R. KEAGY, aged 73 years, 5 months and 21 days. Buried on the 19th, in the Nacket Creek graveyard. Funeral services by Jacob Hildebrand, from 1 Thess. 4: 13-18.

April 7th, in Bloomville, Seneca Co., Ohio, of Dropsy, Bro. CHRISTIAN BEHM, aged 74 years, 3 months and 14 days. He was confined to his room for about three months. Funeral services by Stephen A. Walker, and Isaac Rohrer.

March 23rd, in Conemaugh, Somerset Co., Pa., after a few days illness, Bro. JOHN THOMAS, at the advanced age of 80 years, 1 month and 8 days. Buried the 25th, near his dwelling. Services by the brethren Samuel Blauch and Peter A. Blauch. The brother could well say, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

Dec. 5th, 1875, in Miami Co., Ind., DANIEL DERKIS, aged 67 years, 7 months and 19 days. Services by Nobardius Sprohl.

Feb. 8th, in Miami Co., Ind., ROSA HARING, aged 17 years, 9 months and 18 days. Services by Nobardius Sprohl.

March 3rd, in Miami Co., Ind., CHRISTIAN HERSHBERGER, aged about 50 years. Services by Peter Christener.

March 19th, in Howard Co., Ind., JOHN ZOOK, aged 58 years, and a few days. Services by Daniel Miller and N. Sprohl.

March 30th, in Ashland Co., Ohio, DAVID M. WITMER, formerly of Lancaster Co., Pa., aged 52 years, 1 month and 11 days.

April 10th, in new Holland, Lancaster Co., Pa., MARY, wife of John SOUDER, in the 37 year of her age.

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On the 18th of Dec. 1875, in the Insane Hospital, in Indianapolis, of paralysis of the heart and lungs, JONATHAN KING, aged 64 years, 11 months and 17 days. He was brought home on the 22nd, and buried in the Haw Patch Amish Mennonite burying ground. He leaves a wife and ten children. Services by Isaac Schmucker and Jesse Calvert. He was a member of the Amish church. Peace to his ashes.

Feb. 5th, in La Grange Co., Ind., BARBARA KAUFMAN, wife of Tobias Kaufman, aged 42 years, 6 months and 15 days. Interred the 7th. Services by J. J. Weaver, and E. P. Miller, from 1 Cor. 15.

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