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A research site for those interested in Amish and Mennonite families. This site contains obituaries from the Herald of Truth (1864-1908), the Gospel Witness (1905-1908), and the Gospel Herald (1908-1998), the weekly newspapers of the Mennonite Church (MC) in North America. In addition, obituaries from The Mennonite (1998- ) have been added, as well as a few from the Mennonite Weekly Review (MWR). In the near future, we hope to systematically add MWR obituaries, which will reflect the current diversity of origins in Mennonite Church USA.

A new partnership has begun with The Mennonite magazine to provide more extensive obituaries than published in the magazine, which we are calling the Lazarus Project. You may also send obituaries published in local newspapers to add to MennObits. Send the obituaries to, with "MennObits" in the subject line. For more information, contact project coordinator, Thelma L. Martin.          Lazarus Project          Example


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  • Herald of Truth, 1864 - 1908
  • Gospel Witness, 1905 - 1908
  • Gospel Herald, 1908 - 1998
  • The Mennonite, 1998 - current; ACTIVELY IN PROCESS!
  • Mennonite Weekly Review, parts; 1987; 2002/July-December - current; ACTIVELY IN PROCESS!
  • Lazarus Project - an expanded obituary project, various years including 1921, 2004, 2005, & 2006


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